How to Create an Abstract Painting (Acrylic Painting) -

How to Create an Abstract Painting (Acrylic Painting)

Hello! How many times have you looked at an abstract painting and heard someone say, “I could do that!”? While abstract painting looks easy to some. This is because abstract art defies rules and conventions. It’s up to you as the artist to break rules, be expressive, and decide what is art.

Essential acrylic painting supplies

Acrylic Paint

Acrylics have no odor and are easy to work with. Oils aren’t usually used because they take longer to dry, have an odor, and do not allow you to paint over mistakes.

There are a dizzying number of colors available for acrylics. If you’re a beginner, start off with the colors below. You can mix them to create other colors as needed.

One option for beginners is to start off with an acrylic paint set. This will save you some money per tube and give you a good place to start. Often it’s helpful for beginners to not think too much about materials and just start painting


-Painting Surface – canvas, wood, paper

-Artist Palette

-Rag/Paper Towels

-Cup Or Jar Of Water

-Soap For Clean-Up


Here is Popular Acrylic Painting Techniques:

Easy Abstract Art Drawings and Abstract Painting For Beginners Unbelievable Easy To Draw Abstract – Pencil Sketch Art

Acrylic Pouring

You need for do that pouring medium. This is for fluid paint.

acrylic pouring
Dip technique

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